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About Sponsors

Any individual or organization can become a sponsor.  These people and companies are special to us. 


Their support helps to run all the programs at CYOs.   And we try to help promote them and their companies wherever we can.


Company Sponsors normally give other CYO Network members discounts.


And members: Youth, Family, Friends, Coaches, and CYO Staff can show their appreciation by using the sponsor directory as a 'first stop' buying guide when looking for almost anything.


Secure Web Application

Sponsors get secure logins where they can enter promotional contests, like Shot of the Week, making them eligible to win cash or prizes.  They can run ads and administer their directory profile.

Becoming a Sponsor

Potential Sponsors simply need to  Contact a CYO.  Then that CYO refers them to us. Before or after being referred, companies and or individuals wishing to become Sponsors fill out a short form.


Once referred by a CYO, and approved, Sponsors can also have access to a very cost effective ad program, if they wish to advertise on the CYO Network pages.


As a point of information: The majority of fees paid by Sponsors are distributed to their referral CYO.


Sponsors receive a free listing in the CYO Network Sponsor Directory, which is available to all CYO Youth, Family, Coaches and Staff.


Sponsor a Team

Companies can sponsor specific teams, if they like, and we'll help connect them with the appropriate CYO Staff to arrange it.

Sponsor Directory Categories*




*Sponsors are not limited to these categories and may help to create their own.

Sponsor Directory
We Connect Sponsors and CYOs.

All Sponsors are Approved by CYOs.

Many local (and national) businesses would love to see their advertising contribute to the enhancement of local CYO youth programs... as well as increasing their brand recognition and sales!


All they need is for someone to help make the connection with a local CYO.


That's where we come in.


Click here to schedule a free phone consultation.


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