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A Case Study...

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The Challenge:

We were approached by Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of New York to develop a software platform to manage CCNY's nine county CYO operation, and improve their managerial process and overall communication within the youth programs.


The need was a direct result of a lack of infrastructure at the youth organization level. All of the programs were running offline, which was an inefficient and expensive use of administrative resources. Therefore, our goal was to improve the efficiency, productivity and communication between the CYO, Families and Coaches.


In effect, we needed to create a public site for Youth Participants, Family, and Staff. And a powerful, encrypted web application for CYO Admin.


The Solution:

We developed a revolutionary web-based application to bring the Catholic Youth Organization online.  The encrypted software program enables staff and families to safely enroll their children in sports, events and other activities through the Internet. The technology allows coaches and staff to go online from any location, create and manage rosters, schedule league games and utilize a laundry list of other features. 


A couple of these functions empower users to create custom reports and oversee the entire organization. Taken in total, all of these functions can eliminate 50-80% of time spent on administrative duties and reduce operating costs.



Once the platform was launched, CYO Network was approached with a second challenge. The NY Archdiocese needed to upload around 10,000 youth files, almost 1,000 basketball teams, and more than 1,500 coaches into the online platform---all in less than two weeks time.


CYO Network successfully took on the challenge. We held a 20 minute training for a small group of high schoolers and put them in place to carryout the endeavor.


The data was uploaded within a week and a half.


Currently, the overall structure of Catholic Charities for the Archdiocese of New York includes more than 600 parishes and schools, of which well over 400 (and more than 20 other outside organizations) participate in CYO programs. In addition, there are more than 75 independant affiliate organization member companies, literally thousands of potential system users, and tens of thousands of Youth, Family and Other Clients.

To view the CYO Network Public platform online, please visit www.cyonetwork.org.


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