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CYO Solutions from CYO Network

A large part of our Solutions at CYO Network is to provide you with state of the art, Web-based applications. These programs are designed to bring your sports and other activity data management into the 21st century.


But there's more than just that...


Our professionals and proprietary system help you to address all of the logistics to member management in a way that:

  • Reduces or even eliminates the need and expense of in-house administrative work
  • Facilitates the ability of Youth members, parents, coaches and your admin staff to join programs, monitor activities, view and participate in the full scope of your offerings
  • Empowers communication with your members through blast emails and mail merge programs
  • Increases Youth and Family participation with targeted advertising and online registration

CYO Solutions, from CYO Network, Manage and Maximize Your CYO Memberships with Staff and Public web-applications.


Visit the Public CYO Network Web-Application




Demo CYO Network Software

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CYO Network...

Our organization helps all of your participants to maximize the fun and benefits, and to minimize the administrative work and record keeping required.




Join Us to...

Increase your Youth & Family enrollments, streamline your program administration, and generate additional revenues for your Parish, School, Other CYO, or Diocese.


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