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About Us

Arrange a demo for your CYO.The CYO Network was founded in 2009 by RV Systems Inc. d/b/a Resume Video (RV), a New York corporation, which manages data and information and creates web based, shared data base applications.



RV is a boutique technology company, with about 60 client organizations in the NYC metropolitan area, and has been operating successfully since 2000.


The CYO Network concept came to be around the time that Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of New York (CCNY) was seeking a web-based solution to managing its CYO Youth files, and other data.


The well over 100 Million dollar organization, CCNY, was and is a client of RV Systems for its main data management in the 9 counties CCNY covers in New York. It was only natural that they approached RV with a request to help with their CYO operations.



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The CYO Social Network

MySpace and LinkedIn have surfaced, and the power of social media has become prevalent.


Even the Vatican has a YouTube site!


CYO Network implements a user interface that brings this type of technology to CCNY and, potentially, other CYOs across the country.


The application was originally developed to improve managerial process and overall communication within the youth programs. However, the potential for the solution is proving to be boundless.


RV's mission is to bring every CYO program nationwide together under one unified network. The benefits for this are unlimited. CYO’s will have the ability to communicate statewide and even on a national level. This could open up the doors for state leagues, regionals, national CYO camps and more.


With more than 30,000 members scheduled to be registered by June 2010, CYONetwork.org is poised to become the number one social network for Catholic Youth Organizations.

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