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Shot of the Week


CYO Paparazzi and Prizes! 

That's what it's all about.  Our Network Members send us their photo entries each week.  Then the entire network can vote.  CYO Network, Archdiocese, Diocese, and Parish Staff, Counselors, Coaches, Youth, Family and Friend members each get ONE vote.  The photo with the most votes wins.  Ties share when cash or prizes are awarded, and the winners are posted online.


How to Enter a Photo

Login here, with your CYO Network User Name and Password, for the rules, tips and tricks, and to enter a photo.


Follow the simple instructions to upload your photo and caption.


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This Week's Winner 

Week Ending 4/26/09



Amy's Mom caught this with her cell, and got a little photoshop help, to win this week's prize: $500



Shot of the Week Rules

  • Entries must be in by midnight of the Sunday ending the week
  • Photo image size max: Overall=60k  Width=335px   Height=410px
  • Formats allowed: jpg or gif
  • Do Not Border the photos
  • Subject matter MUST relate to CYO sports or other activities
  • Content must be wholesome and in accordance with CYO standards
  • Professional help is allowed

Winners are Chosen Based on...

Image Quality Subject Matter
Beauty Originality



Some Tips...

Humor, in good taste, can help!


Photoshop or other graphic program editing is not required, but can help.  Do it yourself or, some of our graphic designer sponsors may help you with an image for as little as $20, especially if they like your concept, and you agree to give them 'cred' like Amy's Mom did.


The more important the subject matter the better.  For example: Judges may rule, on equal quality images, in favor of a 'pennant winning move' over normal game play.


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