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Subject: Missing CYO

If the CYO you are looking for is not yet a member of CYO Network, we can contact any of the organizations in your area and help you sign up. Just send us an Email.


Be sure to include your zip code, name and other contact info (and your Local CYO Name if you know it) in the Email Message.



Subject: Setting up a CYO

Your CYO can be set up as a Stand Alone local Parish/CYO Center, or organized, with others, under a Diocese/Parent organization.


It is strictly up to you.


If your CYO program is to fall under a Diocese or Parent organization hierarchy, the Parent can be set up first.  After which time, their staff will have the ability to add your local CYO to their group.


Or, if you like, your local CYO can be set up first. And the Parent can be set up later.



Subject: Ad Rates

A rate card is available on the Sponsors page.  If you wish to discuss a marketing campaign or strategy not on the card, please select this subject from the dropdown.

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About CYO Network Memberships... Contact Us


This, of course, is the Y in CYO.  Youth CYO Network memberships are free, when set up through a local CYO or parish.  Click Here to find one near you.



These memberships are a CYO youth's family, or friends, and can be set up by any CYO youth or organization.  These members are eligible to participate in the free promos, like Shot of the Week, and other CYO Network features, like submitting news stories.


Company Sponsor

Company Sponsors get into the buyer's guide Sponsor Directory and can run cost effective ads on the CYO Network Pages and newsletters. 


Sponsor memberships are covered in detail on the Sponsors Page.  You'll be able to apply for one there.

Individual Sponsors

Most anyone can become a CYO Network Individual Sponsor member.


Individual Sponsors are eligible to participate in the free promos, like Shot of the Week, and other CYO Network Features, like submitting news stories.  They can elect to be part of the Sponsor Directory, or run ads at very reasonable rates.



Coaches are set up at the local or CYO Diocese program level.  They get Individual Sponsor rights, and a web application to help them keep stats, keep case notes, and mentor youths.


CYO Staff

Staff members are set up at the local or CYO Diocese program level.  They get the same rights as Individual Sponsors, and a web application that helps: manage their CYO data, schedule activiities & league games, manage youth files, maintain rosters, create multi-lingual forms, run reports, and quite a bit more...

Sponsor Directory
We Connect Sponsors and CYOs.

All Sponsors are Approved by CYOs.

Many local (and national) businesses would love to see their advertising contribute to the enhancement of local CYO youth programs... as well as increasing their brand recognition and sales!


All they need is for someone to help make the connection with a local CYO.


That's where we come in.


Click here to schedule a free phone consultation.


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